About the Farming Engineers


We’re Matt and Lisa, two engineering school graduates who started farming in 2008.  Lisa runs the farm and Matt writes software.  We rent our extra farmland to Farmer J.  We have vegetables and chickens.  We used to have beef cows.  We’ve been assisted by various employees over the years, and these days you’ll meet Devin, our full time helper, at some of our markets.  We’re planning to apply for official USDA organic status by the end of 2016.

You can find us at the following farmers markets:

Indy Winter Farmers Market, November through April.  We’re there from November until we run out of produce, weather and other circumstances permitting.

From May through October, we’re at the Farm to Fork Market on Friday nights from 4 pm – 7 pm. It’s on the north side of Indianapolis, at Normandy Farms, 79th & Marsh Rd.

We’re also at the Carmel Farmers Market on Saturday mornings from May through September.  It’s on the lawn in front of the Palladium, from 8 am – 11:30 am. In the winter, we’re at the Carmel Winter market, at Founder’s Park.

We’re at Noblesville Farmers Market in the summer.

You can also find us on facebook.


2 thoughts on “About the Farming Engineers

  1. Farmer John says:

    Hi from an old engineer/farmer. Graduated Purdue BSEE in 1960, worked 4 years in industry and returned to farm. No regrets but missed da money….Retired farming in 2000, now looking at hoophouses. Need to
    get my hands in the dirt again. Good luck with your farm & CSA….Farmer John

  2. Robin says:

    I purchased a whole cut-up chicken from you at the Farm to Fork Market this past Friday and asked you lots of questions about how to cook it due to my absolute novice status as an at-home cook. Just wanted you to know that I cooked that chicken up this weekend and it was (and is – have plenty in the freezer!) absolutely delicious!
    Thank you for your help and encouragement, and for being a part of the Farm to Fork Market. I’m looking forward to more chicken purchases later this summer!

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