Baby chicks are coming!

Baby chicks are coming this week. Today we finished working on the brooder. It’s amazing how much junk can be stored in one tiny little building.

Some finds:

– A car jack
– 1/2 bag charcoal from 1990
– A calf pan (galvanized tub with attached calf nipple)
– 150 or so canning jars
– 150 or so mayonnaise jars
– Five large coffee cans almost full of roofing nails
– Window weights
– Many rusty gardening tools

We’ll probably use the window weights as canopy weights for our market canopy. As for the roofing nails- I guess we’re prepared to re-shingle the roof!

Tomato plants have germinated for the new hoophouse. Now that the brooder is ready, hopefully we can make some progress on putting up the new hoophouse.