It’s dry out there.

I looked at our rain data for this summer and it was as follows:

June: 12.4 inches of rain

July : 7.9 inches of rain

August: 1.4 inches of rain

The rain in August has all come 1/4 inch at a time or so.  Right now I’m running the irrigation for a couple of days to loosen up the sweet potato hill.

Despite the dry conditions, and due to the drip irrigation, we have lots of fall stuff up and looking ok so far.  But it would all really take off if we had a nice, gentle, overnight rain.  It’s funny how in June we can be praying for the rain to stop, and in August, wishing just a little of it would come back our way.

News from the farm – 2010-08-20

Well, a few days of cool weather were nice- back to the heat for a while.

In the field this week, fall planting continued. The first row of carrots actually looks good- they are up, they got weeded, and all is well so far. The first round of fall beets is hopefully just a couple of weeks away. We have more lettuce transplants ready to go in when we get a day that’s cool enough. CSA members have already enjoyed 2 cuttings off of our first fall lettuce planting, and we’re hoping for at least one more.

Our field tomatoes have had a pretty tough year. Between 12 inches of rain in June, followed by a weed explosion, followed by a pestilential onslaught of blister beetles, they have struggled. We’ll probably stop bringing tomatoes to market in another week or two. I have some fall tomatoes planted, and they look quite happy and have been enjoying the heat, but it’s unclear whether they will produce before frost. The hoophouse tomatoes have had a great year, but are also winding down for the season. I haven’t decided how long to leave them in before making way for fall spinach..

Pullets are laying eggs! Just a few a day so far, but they’ll be cranking ’em out for market & fall egg shares soon. We’ll have fall egg share info available as soon as we have enough eggs to bring to market again.

TPC market:

Heirloom tomatoes
Husk cherries

Carmel market:

Husk cherries
Raspberries from Spencer Farm

News from the farm – 2010-08-12

Hi friends,

The fall stuff is going in where the garlic and potatoes came out. I was working up the area this week with a disk, and managed to pre-slice a number of potatoes that didn’t get harvested. Some of the potatoes managed not to get pre-sliced, giving me hope for using a mechanical potato harvester some time in the future.

Anyway, Grandma watched Oliver yesterday, so the fall planting is now well underway. I hoed the radishes, lettuce, carrots, and beets that were put in a few weeks ago, then put in 6 rows of drip tape and planted about 12 flats of seedlings, which included purple beans, radishes, beets, turnips, chard, and kale. More transplanting and direct seeding will happen on Saturday afternoon and/or Sunday- I plan to get the broccoli and cabbage planted, and start some additional lettuce, arugula, and other greens mix.

Matt took today off to build emergency chicken housing. Our 100 pullets have been living in a house designed for 50, waiting for the second 50-chicken house to get completed. This was okay when they were all tiny baby chicks, but now they are starting to get close to adult size. Last night the house decided it’d had enough and collapsed. The good news is that these same pullets started laying eggs this week, and their egg-laying skid house is fine. In the next 3 to 4 weeks you’ll start seeing pullet eggs at the Carmel market, and information at both markets about winter egg shares. The eggs are all organic feed, free range, and their house is moved to new grass daily during grass season… when it’s in one piece, that is.

This weekend at the markets, things may look a little sparse. Don’t worry, they’ll pick up again soon.


Husk Cherry
Flowers (Friday only)
Possibility of okra
Possibility of red raspberries from another farm- just don’t know if we will get out to pick them this week. (Saturday only)

CSA boxes:

Apples, from our tree!
Wax beans
Some boxes: okra, husk cherry, spaghetti squash

News from the farm – 2010-08-05

Hi friends,

Things are a little crazy around here- August and it’s just me & my three-year-old most days. We’re still looking for any kind of help, full time, part time, or even one time. Thank you so much to all of you who have come out & worked on the farm this season- it really makes a difference. Extra hands are needed now through mid to late October.

Today I’ll be doing some tractor mowing, getting the fall planting area ready. The next several days look dry, finally. We already have radishes, lettuce, beets, & carrots in the ground. The broccoli, cabbage, beet, turnip & radish transplants remaining are about ready to be transplanted, and the kale is more than ready. I’ll also be direct seeding more lettuce & salad greens. Once the hoophouse tomatoes expire, we’re thinking winter spinach… yum.

Mark your calendars: October 16th is going to be Garlic Planting day on the farm. We’ll be planting lots of garlic! Pitch in dinner, we’ll provide meat and a vegan entree. Rain date or mud date is October 23rd, the following Saturday.

This week at Trader’s Point & Carmel:

Tomatoes – field tomatoes are just starting to come in
Cucumbers, probably last week of them
A little bit of: red & green okra, wax beans, long beans, husk cherries and / or tomatillos

In your CSA boxes on Monday:

Eggplant (from Magnolia Mill farm)
One of the following: Lettuce, cucumbers, okra, wax beans, long beans, husk cherry, tomatillos, peppers

Coming soon: Peppers, celery, basil galore.