News from the farm – 2010-07-29

Hi friends,

We have a running joke around here that every time I turn on the drip irrigation, it rains. Well, I did it again today. We have three quarters of an inch in the rain gage now, and who knows what will be in there tomorrow morning!

We’re working hard to get things ready for September & October, so that we can have more things on the tables at market than we do now. Special thanks to all of you who have come out to the farm & helped out so far this year- it really makes a difference, and we love to share the joys of rural living!

We are now completely without home internet, so please call if you need to preorder something, miss a CSA pickup. or otherwise need to talk to one of us. (317) 836-5061 rings both of our phones.

This weekend, our market tables will look a lot like last weekend, minus the blueberries:

Just a little garlic- we’re getting to the end of it
Possibly red potatoes or fingerlings- depends how many more come out of the mud tomorrow.

See you soon!

Matt & Lisa

News from the farm – 2010-07-21

Newsletters or lack thereof
Field News
We’re Hiring!
Up & coming eggs & other fall things
Markets this weekend

Hi friends,

Apologies for no email news last week. We’re having rural internet issues.

We’ve been busy with fall planting & transplanting, weeding, and scouting for and finding insects. And did I mention harvesting? The hoophouse tomatoes are in full swing right now.

We have an immediate opening for a full-time person from now until mid-to-late October- either farm help, child care, or both. Experience in either area considered a bonus. Please pass the word on to your friends & acquaintances. Housing and meals are available as part of compensation.

We’ll be offering “egg shares” from October through February. Organically-fed, free range chickens, green & brown eggs, home delivery available. More details will be on our web site soon.

Did you know we’re on facebook now? You can “Like” the Farming Engineers. We’ll be putting more stuff on there soon, when our internet is working better.

At the markets this weekend:

Traders Point:

Asian seedless cucumbers


Maybe cucumbers
Blueberries, if we have a good day picking them.

Clue, barn cat edition

The Victim

Young Master (or Miss) Fox recently moved to the neighborhood, and didn’t know his way around town. He ended up in a bad part of town* (for foxes) and…. well, now he’s six feet under.

* – not actually near any town.

The Crime Scene

The victim was found in the old red barn. The crime may have been committed in the barn, but it could have occurred near the fox’s home, in the ditch by the road.

The Suspects

Stripey: a young adult female cat. Normally very passive. A loner, she doesn’t like to eat with the other cats. Though she is missing eight teeth, she does have all of her razor sharp claws.

Pudgy: a middle-aged female cat. Very belligerent, she picks fights with other cats on a regular basis, especially when food is in sight. She is also equipped with razor sharp claws.

OC (full name “Orange Cat”): a neutered male with orange and white fur. Usually stays pent up in the barn. Still has razor sharp claws.

BBK (full name redacted): a neutered male with black fur. Though his meow is unintimidating, hunting transforms him into a ferocious predator. His black fur may indicate his stealthy habits. He is also equipped with razor sharp claws.

Boots: an unaltered male cat. Despite his natural condition, he is very tame. He was not originally included in the suspect list, until he was observed in the environs of the late Young Master Fox’s abode. He, also, is equipped with razor sharp claws.

Naturally, none of the suspects have responded to questioning.

News from the farm – 2010-07-08

Hello everyone,

Dry weather has been welcome this week. We have been back out in the field harvesting garlic, potatoes, squash, snap beans, onions, & cucumbers. Cabbage is almost ready. All of the heat-loving crops such as tomatoes, sweet potatoes, peppers, melons, & okra look great. So do the weeds..

Hard to believe it, but we’ll be seeding fall crops starting next week. Lettuce, broccoli, cabbages, beets, daikon & watermelon radishes, kale, and the eternally frustrating carrots are among the items planned for fall. All the brassica crops (cabbage, broccoli, kale, mustard, collards) are much more delicious when they mature in cool weather, and become sweet when hit by frost. We might even experiment with fall spinach in the hoophouse.

We took a trip to Prelock Blueberry Farm this week and picked lots of tasty, no-spray blueberries. Come out to the Carmel market on Saturday & pick some up, we’ve sure been enjoying them. This blueberry farm is 31 miles from our farm- about as local as you can get for blueberries!

Trader’s Point Market:

Greenhouse tomatoes

Carmel Market:

Maybe flowers, maybe not.

News from the farm – 2010-07-01

Hi all,

The weather is improving, the farm is drying back up, and we’re digging garlic!

As many of you know, we grow a lot of garlic- we planted about 35 lbs of it in the fall, and are hoping to dig up over 100. This hardneck garlic is far more delicious than anything you’ll find in the store. This year we grew Russian Red, Killarney Red, Romanian Red, Music, German Extra Hardy, Phillips, and Lorz Italian (the lone softneck).

I’m bringing our first few pounds of ripe greenhouse tomatoes to the Trader’s Point market on Friday night. At both markets, we’ll have garlic. The next few weeks will be garlic galore.

CSA Work Share members- come out on Saturday, 2 – 5 PM. Dig garlic, pull weeds, or get destructive with pea fence.

I’m making a pilgrimage to Prelock Blueberry Farm on Monday, and you’ll see lots of great no-spray blueberries in your CSA shares. We hope to also have some next weekend at the Carmel market.

In your CSA boxes this week will be some, but probably not all, of the following:

Red Potatoes
Green, yellow, & purple beans
Green onions

Markets: Garlic, garlic, garlic!