News from the farm – 2010-05-28

Hi everyone,

Everything is growing like crazy in the heat.. including weeds!

I am seeing the start of a few broccoli heads, which makes me glad that the weather has cooled off again. Our peas are flowering– stay tuned for the u-pick peas date to be announced soon. Sour cherries are covering the tree and are right on the brink of being ripe. Sold all our early ones within 5 minutes at TPC farmer’s market this week..

Our laying chickens are all upset with us this week- we moved them to a new house. They are rewarding us for doing this by laying eggs on the floor of the coop, in the woods, and in fencerows. So we’ll be a little short on eggs until they get the hang of their new digs. We still seem to have 43 laying hens despite the presence of a mother fox and 3 babies in our front yard!

We’re processing chicken next week. Place your orders now if you want it fresh. If we raise another batch, it won’t be ready until August. Whole birds only, priced around 3 to 4 dollars per lb. Birds will probably be in the 3 to 4 lb range but we haven’t weighed any yet.

This week at the market:

Lettuce mix
Greens mix – last week for a while
Garlic scapes
Tomato plants – Carmel only

Next week:

Pie cherries (maybe TPC only)
Snow peas and snap peas

Also soon:
Dark Green Zucchini

News from the farm – 2010-05-18

In this edition:

Markets & Market Locations
On the Farm
Upcoming Events
Product Availability This Week

Hello friends,

Market News

Carmel farmers market starts May 22nd. So Saturday is a great day to come out & see us there.

We’re also doing the Traders Point market on Friday nights from 4 to 8. It’s our first year at this market & we’re enjoying it so far.

On the Farm

We attended the MOSES organic farming conference at the end of February, and are still sorting through all the great ideas & information we learned. It was quite exciting to meet and learn from other organic farmers in the midwest who are doing what we’re doing, and to gain more ideas for success.

Things look great in the field- we’re presently ahead of the weeds. The garlic is beautiful, and several other vegetables are out there. Our greenhouse tomatoes are just starting to make small green fruit. We’ll be putting out field tomatoes within the next week or two. We’ve got a lot of squash, melons, and other cucurbits ready to be transplanted outside in addition to the 60 or so plants already in the field under a row cover.

We have hired an intern, who is starting his trial period with us this week. I’ll tell you more about this soon.

Chicken news: We have 100 new pullets out in the cow pasture, enjoying life in their moveable chicken house. Our first batch of meat birds will be ready in a couple of weeks- if you are interested in one, please make a reservation now. We’ll be selling whole birds only.

Upcoming Farm Events

We want to make this YOUR farm & create more opportunities for you to see what’s happening throughout the season, whether you are just a casual farmer’s market customer or a working CSA member. We’re planning to host a pea-picking event around the end of June, a salsa-making event later in August, and possibly another
canning-related event this summer. More details will be forthcoming.

Product Availability This Week:

Greens Mix – Red kale, baby arugula, tatsoi, mizuna
Lettuce Mix
Green onions
Green garlic
Melon, zucchini, and okra transplants
Tomato plants (Carmel only)
Eggs (Carmel only)

In the next few weeks:

Zucchini, once it warms up again
Tart Cherries
Kale and Chard

See you soon!

Lisa & Matt