From the Field

August has been kind to us.  This week we are selling basil, cucumbers, melons, okra, tomatoes, tomatillos, onions, flowers, and the very, very last of the garlic.

I’m not sure what September holds.  We’ll have tomatoes, flowers, and peppers, and I’m not sure what else.  The fall planting was done rather late and it might not be ready until October.

This is the time when I’m going to work harder at collecting names for our email list, and prospective CSA members for next year.

I think we’re buying a tractor in the next few days!  Hopefully I’ll be better about posting pictures of it than I have been at posting pictures in general lately.

Fun with Insects

The cucumber beetles are descending in hordes.  Every time I go out to harvest, thousands of them fly off the cucumber plants & I seem to always bring a few in the house.

Two fat tomato worms were dispatched to the chickens yesterday.  Makes for happy chickens!