Cover crops

Trying to locate organic seed for a pasture is a bit of a challenge.  Availability is spotty, so I’ll probably have to blend my own mix from what I can find.

I found a high-omega-3 chicken pasture mix, which sounds pretty good.  Mr. B. would probably like that for his chickens.  It’s not organic, though.  I did find organic flax seed and buckwheat, which are major ingredients.


The last few weeks have been taken over by the Seed Ordering Mega-Spreadsheet.  I finally finished the seed order on Friday.  Going organic can be a bit challenging in this regard.  I ordered from three different companies.  The organic rules state that if you can’t find organic seed for a variety you wish to grow, you must document that you tried three different sources.  I know it would be *easy* to find three companies that don’t carry ANY organic seed, and use those as my “three sources,” and thus make my documentation really easy, but I don’t feel that meets the intent of the standard.

Anyway, I found lots of organic seed, and some things I couldn’t find an organic source for, and hopefully my documentation for that is adequate.  The size of the final order amazed and astounded me.  It’s going to be an exciting spring.  We will need to update our seed starting system- one grow light is not going to be enough this year.