Market day set

We got word on Friday that we’ll be at the Carmel Farmer’s Market next Saturday.  I could have gone this weekend, but we were busy & I didn’t have all the garlic cleaned up yet.

As soon as I heard the news, I went out and harvested all the onions.  They look pretty good.  They really weighed down the wagon.

I’ll be busy cleaning garlic, shallots, onions, and trying to figure out if we have enough display containers for our booth this week.

These are the crops.

So far, our only commercial crops have been garlic & shallots. Last year we harvested about 400 garlic bulbs & about 8 lbs of shallots (if I remember right.) Most of it sold in 2 Saturday mornings at the farmer’s market.

Last year's garlic

This year, we had 2 large problems with the garlic. First, I ordered the seed too late and we obviously got the dregs from the grower. Second, we had a weather issue. The winter was excessively warm and all the garlic came up optimistically in January. Then we had a hard freeze. This happened twice I think. So we lost a lot of our garlic that way. It didn’t seem to faze the shallots too much, though.

So this year, we have only 180 heads of garlic, despite planting twice as much as before. We grew 2 types of shallots, and one type yielded 7.5 lbs. I haven’t weighed the other kind yet.

We haven’t solidified our plans for selling it yet. I’ll post again when we know where we’ll be selling this year. I believe we’ll also be bringing onions to the farmer’s market- there are more than enough in the field for our home needs, even with all the canning we do.

Well, here we go.

Last night I said, “As soon as your parents sell their house, I’m ready to put ours on the market.”

Mr. B. seemed a bit taken aback, but not completely surprised. We’ve been driving around looking at farms for sale for some time now, and it seems like we’ve been planning to move “within a year” for a while now as well. The softening housing market right now doesn’t make this a great time to sell, but we’ve sure seen a lot of farms for sale lately that look like they are worth closer investigation.

Getting this place ready to sell will take some work. The garden is large and due to Baby B. is not in perfect order right now. The house is 100+ years old, and while we’ve already done many things to improve it, we’d probably like to do a few more.

Of course, the “large” garden is relative. Once we take the plunge and move to a farm, this one will seem small. I’m excited about that.